ECO Insurance

ECO Insurance gives the most convenient, best benefits at competitive price to customers. This is also the only one non-deductible insurance product in market.

Insured Subject:
+ Personal car (not for passenger transportation business) having from 4 to 8 seats as original design.
+ Pick-up car (not for business registration)
+ Mini Van up to maximum 12 seats (not for business registration)

Insurance Benefits:

Third party liability insurance
+ Total Sum Insured for people/event: LAK 600 million
+ Death, total and permanant disability per person of Third Party/event: LAK 40 million
+ Medical expenses per person of Third Party/event: LAK 3.5 million
+ Hospital accommodation/event: LAK 200,000
+ Property losses of third party/event: LAK 50 million

Driver Insurance:
+ Death, permanent disability per person/event: LAK 30 million
+ Medical expenses per event: LAK 2.5 million
* Motor vehicle physical damage insurance:

Scope of cover:
+ Collision with other vehicles
+ Fire, explosion
+ Whole car is stolen or robbed

Sum Insured: Customer can chose one of three options of Sum Insured below
+ Option 1: LAK 30 million/event
+ Option 2: LAK 40 million/event
+ Option 3: LAK 50 million/event

In additional, LAP also pays the cost of towing crane to the nearest garage in case of accident.